Service that focuses on creating functional and visually appealing spaces. Isadora Acosta develops design concepts, plan efficient layouts, and produce construction documents. We also help with material and finishes selection, ensuring compliance with regulations in NYC as a Registered Architect. Ultimately, the goal is to create spaces that meet clients' needs while incorporating aesthetic elements.


Isadora Acosta AIA offers floor plan drawings and millwork details. Floor plan drawings provide accurate representations of interior space layout, while millwork details focus on custom woodwork and cabinetry. Isadora Acosta specializes in delivering precise and detailed designs that enhance functionality and aesthetics.


Handling the necessary paperwork and processes required for obtaining permits and approvals from the relevant authorities. This includes preparing and submitting documents, coordinating with the building department, and ensuring compliance with regulations and guidelines. ISadora Acosta ensures a smooth and efficient process, saving clients time and effort in navigating the bureaucratic requirements of building and landmark regulations.


An Architect of Records is responsible for overseeing the architectural aspects of a construction project. They collaborate with design teams, review and approve construction documents, and ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. The Architect of Records acts as a liaison between the project stakeholders, contractors, and authorities, providing expertise in design implementation and technical coordination. They play a crucial role in ensuring the project's architectural integrity, quality, and adherence to standards, while also addressing any issues or modifications that may arise during the construction process.


Overseeing the construction phase of a project. Includes coordinating and managing various aspects, such as contractor selection, contract administration, construction scheduling, budget monitoring, and quality control. The service ensures that the construction process adheres to the design intent, regulatory requirements, and industry standards. Additionally, Construction Administration & Project Management involves addressing on-site issues, facilitating communication between stakeholders, tracking project progress, and ensuring timely completion within budgetary constraints. This service aims to ensure smooth execution, efficient resource utilization, and successful project delivery.


Apartment Combinations in NYC is a service that involves merging two or more separate apartments into a single, larger living space. It typically includes architectural and engineering work to redesign the layout, ensuring proper integration of the combined units. This service handles various aspects, including obtaining necessary permits, coordinating with building management, and managing construction. The goal is to create a unified and functional living space that meets the client's requirements while complying with local building codes and regulations. Apartment combinations offer an opportunity to customize and optimize living arrangements in densely populated areas like New York City.


The COOP & CONDO Board Alteration Approvals service provided by a NYC Registered Architect involves assisting clients who own or plan to own cooperative or condominium units in obtaining approval from the building's board for proposed alterations or renovations. The architect works closely with the client to develop plans and documentation that comply with the board's requirements and regulations. They navigate the approval process, prepare necessary applications, and communicate with the board on behalf of the client to ensure the successful approval of the proposed alterations.


The Contractor Negotiations & Coordination of Trades service involves a NYC Registered Architect assisting clients in managing the construction process by negotiating with contractors and coordinating various trades involved in the project. The architect helps clients find suitable contractors, obtains bids, and negotiates contracts on their behalf. They oversee the coordination of different trades, such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, to ensure a smooth and efficient construction process. The architect acts as a liaison between the client and the contractors, ensuring that the project progresses according to the agreed-upon plans and specifications.


In addition to the aforementioned services, NYC registered architects can offer a range of other valuable services. These include master planning, site analysis, zoning analysis, accessibility compliance, facade renovation, energy modeling, LEED certification assistance, construction cost estimating, construction documentation, bidding and contract negotiation, project scheduling, site inspections, construction coordination, quality control, as-built documentation, and post-occupancy evaluation. With their expertise in architectural design and construction management, NYC registered architects provide comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of clients in various sectors, such as residential, commercial, institutional, and public spaces.

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